Our Services

Willco Cranes specialises in Heavy Lifting Cranes, Horse & Trailer, Mobile Cranes and Rigging. Please contact us should you require any advice on a job or should you require a quotation. We will be happy to assist.

Horse & Trailer

Horse & trailers hired from Willco crane hire are all on air suspension to limit impact on loads. Willco crane hire takes care of all loads, big or small. From Yachts, Boilers, Tanks or Containers, at Willco crane hire no task is more important than another. Crew are trained and equipment is inspected and certified on a 3 month cycle.

4 X 4 Crane Trucks

4x4 Crane trucks hired from Willco Crane hire, are equipped with a 16m/t Palfinger knuckle boom crane and a 6m flat deck body complete with container locks. As a rare special vehicle Willco crane hire undertake projects that others decline.

Heavy Lifting

Heavy lifting at Willco Crane hire is done with cranes ranging from 23m/t knuckle boom Palfinger Cranes up to a 88m/t Cormach Knuckle boom. Lifting dead weight from 4 ton to 17ton. These cranes are complimented by our low bed trailer for moving mass weight over distance with ease. Although all mentioned equipment is owned by Willco Crane hire, we do supply other equipment from 3rd parties on turnkey projects.

Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes hired from Willco crane hire comes with Operator and assistant, both being certified as riggers and well paired as a team to secure safe lifting on every site. You do not only hire a crane but also get experience and know how. Equipment is well maintained due to our maintenance program which limits downtime and breakdowns. At Willco crane hire, our mobile crane can reach up to 38m. Although all equipment featured on this page is owned by Willco Crane hire, we do supply Cranes from 3rd parties on turnkey projects.


Rigging teams at Willco Crane hire is fully equiped for any task at hand. All being certified, our teams work with only the best scates and crawlers to do a task safely and swiftly. At Willco Crane hire equipment is planned, designed and built in house by personel that know their trade. Site studies and risk assessment is built into every project, big or small.